Police Raid Dalston Station Sunday, 24th July, 1904

(or The Tea Leaf Porters of Dalston) (originally published in Journal 53, March 2012, of the North London Railway Historical Society) [Charles Alfred Alldred, John Baker, George Samuel Belsham, James George Edwin Dorling, and Charles Joseph Green] Over quite a long period complaints had been received that passengers’ luggage consigned from long distances to the […]

William Adams

Friends And Family

(originally published in Journal 28, Summer 2000, of the NLRHS) [Henry Daniel Martin, William Adams, John Carter Park and Henry James Pryce]   When, in February 1838, the East India Dock Company merged with the West India Dock Company to become, not unnaturally the East and West India Dock Company, it caused some prob­lems for […]

Jim Connor Collection - Ivison Andrew - Homerton exterior NLR Railway

Andrew Ivison, Porter, Bigamist and General Enigma

(originally published in Journal 54, July 2012, of the NLRHS)   Andrew Ivison was born in 1833 in Brigstock, Northamptonshire. His parents were William Ivison, born circa 1799 in Kingsgrove, Cumberland, an accountant, and Elizabeth Parke, born circa 1813 in Cheapside, Middlesex. He was one of eight children. Andrew married Amy Puxley who was 23 […]

Collision at Bow Station on 7th November, 1883

(or carrying nepotism too far) (originally published in Journal 55, December 2012, of the NLRHS) [William Joyce, Edwin Joyce, Charles Jupp and William Patmore] The 7th November, 1883, saw the East End of London, and Bow in particular, suffering from a dense fog with visibility restricted between six and twenty yards. The driver of the […]

William Acton Gittins, engine driver – 1833 - 1909 NLR Railwayman

William Acton Gittins

Driver and Thrice Married (Originally published in Journal 56, March 2013, of the North London Railway Historical Society) [Including sons William Acton and Alfred Acton] by Carol Clarke, his great great granddaughter, with railway research by Peter Bloomfield [William Acton Gittins, engine driver – 1833-1909]   He was born in No 3 Alfred Street, Millwall, […]