James Baish

by Peter Bloomfield
NLR Service
Transferred from Engr’s Dept, having been a platelayer for three years. Age 25. Appt 25 May 1888. [RAIL 529/134/691 Folio 237.]
Watchman, Devons Road. Pay 21s. Transferred from Engr’s Dept. [RAIL 529/54 4 Jul 1888, Loco Com Min 6994.]
Watchman, Devons Road. Pay 21s. Dismissed. [RAIL 529/54 1 Aug 1888, Loco Com Min 7033.]
‘Conduct Sheet’
Dismissed for putting a woman into an empty train at Devons Road Sidings at 12.45 am. The said train having been loaned to LNW was taken to Lichfield with the woman in it, but Baish managed to get out before the train had left the NL Line. 21 Jul 1888.
In other words, his career with the Traffic Dept lasted less than two months and with the NLR a little over three years.
Name a derivation of Old English/German for someone living by a stream. [For full details see www.surnamedb.com ]
Birth James Baish about 1863 in Tilshead, Wiltshire. [1871 Census.] Would he have been registered as James Bash – Birth Jun qtr 1863, James Bash, [GRO. Amesbury, 5a, 171.] Tilshead was within the area covered by Amesbury. Having spent eight months in a wooden hutted camp in Tilshead in 1951 I can confirm that it is within easy walking distance of Amesbury, well it was for a fit 19 year old soldier!
Birth Dec qtr 1865, Sarah Ann Raphael. [GRO. St. Geo. East, 1c, 429.]
Married 29 Aug 1896 in St Mark’s Church, Bow:
James Baish, aged 33, widower, platelayer, of 154 Usher Road, father James, gardener; and
Sarah Ann Raphael, aged 30, spinster, of 159 Usher Road, father Morris, deceased, tailor.
[LMA, Saint Mark, Victoria Park, Register of marriages, P88/MRK, Item 036.][GRO. Poplar, 1c, 1060.]
Death Mar qtr 1903, James Baish, 40. [GRO. Croydon, 2a, 137.] What was he doing in Croydon? Search period Mar 1901-Jun 1911 produced three people. The other two were aged 73 Mar qtr 1902* and 83 Jun qtr 1904, both Devizes. *The person referred to in Probate Register for 1902, page 101?
Death Dec qtr 1924, Sarah A Baish, 59, [GRO. Poplar, 1c, 402.]
Name Relationship Status M/F Age YOB±1 Occupation Born
1871 Census [RG 10/1910, Folio 61, Page 10.]
Registration district: Devizes Parish: West Lavington Address: Middle Farm
James Baish Head Married M 31 1840 Carter West Lavington
Mahelah Baish Wife Married F 34 1837 West Lavington
George Baish Son Single M 11 1860 Ag Lab West Lavington
James Baish Son Single M 8 1863 Scholar Tilshead
Eliza Baish Daughter Single F 4 1867 Scholar West Lavington
1881 Census [RG 11/2042, Folio 30, Page 9.]
Registration district: Devizes Parish: Little Cheverell
James Baish Head Married M 43 1838 Ag Lab West Lavington
Melia Baish Wife Married F 43 1838 West Lavington
George Baish Son Single M 21 1860 Ag Lab West Lavington
Eliza Baish Daughter Single F 14 1867 West Lavington
James Baish worked on the NLR as a platelayer from 1885 until May 1888 when he transferred to the Traffic Department. He only lasted a few weeks, being dismissed on 21 Jul 1888.
1891 Census [RG 12/1047, Folio 120, Page 31.]
Registration district: Hendon Parish: Willesden Address: Denmark Road
James Baish Head Single M 28 1863 Railway Platelayer – on which railway LNWR, NSWJR, or even NLR? Lavington
1901 Census [RG 13/340, Folio 41, Page 18.]
Registration district: Poplar Parish: Bow or Stratford-Le-Bow, Address: Norman Road
James Baish Head Married M 38 1863 Labourer Builders West Lavington
Sarah Baish Wife Married F 36 1865 West Lavington
William F Baish Son Single M 18 1883 Labourer Builders St George’s
Susan C Baish Mother Widow F 72 1829 St George’s
Eliza F Baish Daughter F 1 1900 Bow
1911 Census [RG 14/1682, RG 78/59, RD22, SD2, ED5, SN143.]
Registration district: Poplar Address: 28 Donald St Bromley By Bow
Sarah Baish Head Widow F 45 1866 St George Parish East
Eliza Baish F 12 1899 St George Parish East
Florence Baish F 10 1901 Old Ford
Alice Baish F 8 1903 Old Ford