Signalman James Thackray

(who thrice showed quick witted promptitude) (Originally published in Journal 64, December 2015, of the NLRHS) by Peter Bloomfield with help from Margaret Foote James Thackray was born about 1830 to John and Elizabeth Thackray and christened on 26th March 1830 in Godmanchester, then in Huntingdonshire. By 1841 he was living with his parents and […]

The Platt Family

(A fatal explosion which resulted in a long, if not the longest, serving charwoman and pregnancy) (originally published in Journal 59, April 2014, of the NLRHS) [John and Elizabeth Platt, and children William, Daniel and Alice]   John Platt was born in Finchley on the 21 September 1827, son of William, a labourer, and Jane […]